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About this project:

The first project I made after joining advanced diploma, Lucia is a visually appealing game that aims to bring serenity as you dive deeper into the world.

Game objective:

The girl woke up in the middle of the grassfield, she doesn't remember anything, explore and find out what happened in the past.


WASD to move, mouse to pan the camera.


Memia Lin: Art, game design and sound

Matthew Palaje: Programming and game design

Raymond Cripps: Taught me how to use Logic Pro to create sound tracks

Published Mar 04, 2017

Install instructions

Download the game and click on the icon to play!


Lucia_Data.zip 36 MB


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the game doesn't work. when i try starting the exe-file, it asks for the data folder. would you please upload the other files here as well?

I'm so sorry about that!It should work now : )

no problem at all. yes, it does work now. thank you! :)